The Best Of Both Worlds (Hannah Montana OST) - Miley Cyrus chords

Singer/Band: Miley Cyrus

Capo 1
You get the [C]limo out [G]front [Dm]
Hottest [F]styles, every [G]shoe, every [Dm]color
[F]Yeah, when you're [C]famous, it can [G]be kinda [Dm]fun
[F]It's really [C]you, but no one [G]ever dis[F]covers
[Bb]In some ways you're just like [C]all your friends
[Bb]But on stage you're a [C]star
You get the [D]best [G] of [A]both worlds
Chill it [Bm]out, take it [G]slow
Then you [A]rock out the show
You get the [Bm]best [G] of [A]both worlds
[Em]Mix it all together
And you [G]know that it's the best of both [C]worlds
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