The Nightmare Before Christmas - Making Christmas - Danny Elfman chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Danny Elfman

[Am]This time, [Dm]this time, [Am]making Christmas
[Am]Making Christmas, making Christmas making Christmas [Dm]is so fine,
[E7]It's ours this time and won't the children [Am]be surprised?
It's [Dm]ours this [E7]time,
[Am]Making Christmas making Christmas, making [Dm]Christmas
[E7]Time to give them something fun they'll talk about for years to [Am]come
Let's have a [Dm]cheer from every[E7]one (It's time to party)
Making Christmas, making Christmas
[Am]Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice [Dm]with spider legs and pretty
[E7]It's ours this time
[Am]All together, that and this with all [Dm]our tricks
[E7]We're making Christ[Am]mas time
Here comes jack, I [Am]don't believe What's [Dm]happening to me?
My [E7]hopes, my dreams, my fanta[Am]sy
[Am]Won't they be impressed? I am a genius
[Dm]See how I transformed this old [E7]rat
Into a most delightful [Am]hat, mmm
[Am]My compliments from me to you On this, your most intriguing hat
Con[Dm]sider though this substitute A bat in place of this old rat, huh
[E7]No, no, no, now that's all wrong This thing will never make a present
[Am]It's been dead for much too long Try something fresher, something pleasant
[Am]All together, [Dm]that and this with [E7]all our tricks
We're mak[Am]ing Christmas time
[Am]This time, this time [Dm]making Christmas, [E7]making Christmas, [Am]na,
na, na
[Am]It's almost here [Dm]and we can't wait [E7]So ring the bells and
[Am]'Cause when the full moon [Dm]starts to climb
We'll [E7]all sing out, "It's Christmas [Am]time"
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