The Numbers - Radiohead chords

Singer/Band: Radiohead

Capo 3
Verse 1
[Am7] Holds us [Em/A]like a [D]phantom [A]
[Am7] The touch is [Em/A]like a [D]breeze [A]
[Am7] It shines its [Em/A][D]understanding [A]
[Am7] See the [Em/A]moon [D]smiling [A]
[Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A]
Verse 2
[Am7] Open [Em/A]on all [D]channels [A]
[Am7] Ready [Em/A]to [D]receive [A]
[Am7] And we're not [Em/A]at the [D]mercy [A]
[Am7] Of your [Em/A]shimmerers or [D]spells [A]
[Am7] Your [Em/A]shimmerers or [D]spells [A]
[Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A] [Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A]
Verse 3
[Am7] We are [Em/A]of the [D]earth [A]
[Am7] To her [Em/A]we do [D]return [A]
[Am7] The future [Em/A]is [D]inside [A]us
[Am7] It's [Em/A]not somewhere [D]else [A]
[Am7] It's [Em/A]not somewhere [D]else [A]
[Am7] It's [Em/A]not somewhere [G][D]else [Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A]
(One day at a time)
Chorus 1
[Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A] [G] [D] [Fmaj7]
One day at a time
[C#5] [D#5] [F] [E] [G] [D]
Verse 4
[Am7] We call [Em/A]upon the [D]people [A]
[Am7] People [Em/A]have this [D]power [A]
[Am7] The numbers [Em/A]don't [D]decide [A]
[Am7] Your system [Em/A]is a [D]lie [A]
[Am7] The river [Em/A]running [D]dry [A]
[Am7] The wings [Em/A]of a [D][A]butterfly
[Am7] [Em/A] [D] [A]
Verse 5
[Am7] And you may [Em/A]pour us [D]away like soup [A]
[Am7] Like we're [Em/A]pretty [D]broken flowers [A]
[Am7] We'll take [Em/A]back what is [D]ours [A]
[Am7] Take [Em/A]back what is [G]ours [D]
Chorus 2
[C#5] [D#5] [F] [E] [G] [D] [Fmaj7]
One day at a time
[E7sus4] [A]
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