The Phantom of the opera - Kenny G Gladys Knight chords

Key: Amaj7 Singer/Band: Kenny G , Gladys Knight

Look at [Amaj7] me
I'm as help-[Em7] less as a [A7] kitten up a [Dmaj7] tree
And I feel like I'm cling-[Dm7] ing to a [G7] cloud
I [Amaj7] can't under-[F#m] stand
I get mis-[Bm7] ty, [C#m7] just holding your [Amaj7] hand [Bm7] [Cm7]
[E7] Walk my [Amaj7] way
And a thou-[Em7] sand vi-[A7] olins begin to [Dmaj7] play
Or it might be the [Dm7] sound of your hel-[G7] lo
That [Amaj7] music I [F#m7] hear
I get mis-[Bm7] ty the [D] moment you're [Amaj7] near
[Dmaj7] [C#m7] [Bm7] [Amaj7]
You can say that you're [Em7] leading me [B7] on
But it's just what I [Dmaj7] want you to [Bm7] do
Don't you notice how hop-[Ebm7] lessly I'm [Ab7] lost [Ebm7] [Ab7]
That's why [C#7] I'm follo-[F#7] wing [E7] you. [C#m7] [F#7] [Bm7] [E7]
On my [Amaj7] own
Would I wan-[Em7] der through this wonderland [A7] alone [Dmaj7]
Never knowing my [Dm7] right foot from my [G7] left
My [Amaj7] hat from my [F#m7] glove
I'm too mis-[Bm7] ty and [Gm7] too much in [Em7] love [F#7]
I'm too mis-[Bm7] ty and [Dm7] too much in [Am7] love
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