The Time Of Our Lives - Miley Cyrus chords

Key: A Singer/Band: Miley Cyrus

Verse 1:
S [A]eems like were
holding on [D]for ever
I gotta let it go
T [A]imes up you pushed me
to [D]surrend er (tonight)
W [A]ho knows whats
happens now [D]what ever
Whereever the wind blows
And [A]I'm there as long
as were [D]toget her Alright
Lets have the time [A]o f our lives!
Like theres noone [D]e lse around
just throw your [A]hands up high
Even when they try to [D]t ake us down
Lets have the time of [A]our lives
Till the lights burn [D]o ut
Lets laugh until we [A]cry
Life is only what [D]you make it now
Lets have the time of our lives!
Verse 2:
D [A]reamers don't care if [D]its right
I think im really into you
R [A]estless lets leave it a [D]ll behind
And Tonight [A]C razy when you [D]cros s my mind
Oh the trouble we could get into
S [A]o what lets just
give this a try [D]A lright
(Repeat Chorus)
[A]L ooking back what
are we [D]wai ting for?
[A]T ake the chance Now is
all we got [D]fo r sure!
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