The Wisp Sings - Winter Aid chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Winter Aid

Tone gốc E: Capo 4 Intro [C] [G] [F] [C] [G]
[C]let me sleep
i am [G]tired of my grief
and i would like [F]you
to [C]love me, to [G]love me, to [F]love me
[C]this is the [G]night when these woods [F]sigh
[C]come with me
there are [G]people who cannot speak
without [F]smiling [C]
they would [G]take me from your [F]hand [C]
or they would [G]try, they would [F]try
[C]this is the [G]murmur of the land [F]
[C]this is the [G]sound of love's [F]marching band
[C]and how they [G]hold you like a [F]gun
[C]and how i [G]sing you like a [F]song
i heard [F]when i was young [F]
and buried for a night like this
[C] [G] [F] [C]
[G] [F]
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