Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - Alicia Keys chords

Singer/Band: Alicia Keys

Capo 1
[A]Even if you were a [B]million miles [E]away
I could still [A]feel you in my bed
Near me, touch me, feel me
And [B]even at the bottom of the [E]sea
I could still [A]hear inside my head
Tellin' me, touch me, feel me
And all the [B]time you were tellin' me [E]lies [A]
[A/G#]So [F#m]tonight, I'm gonna [B]find a way to [E]make it [A]without you
[F#m]Tonight I'm gonna [B]find a way to [E]make it with[A]out y[A/G#]ou
[F#m] I'm gonna [B]hold on to the [E]times we [A]had
[A/G#] [F#m]Tonight I'm gonna [B]find a way to [E]make it [A]without you
[A]Have you ever tried [B]sleeping with a broken [E]heart?
Well, you could try [A]sleeping in my bed
Lonely, own me nobody ever shut it down like you
You wore the [B]crown, you made my [E]body feel heaven [A]bound
Why don't you hold me, near me,
I thought you told me, you'd never leave me
Looking in the [B]sky I could see your [E]face
And I know [A]right where I fit in
Take me, make me, you know that I'll always be in love
With [B]you [E]right til the [A]end, oh
[F#m]Anybody could've told you right from the [A/G#]start
It's about to fall apart
[A] So rather than hold on to a broken [B]dream
Or just hold on to [F#m]love
And I could find a way to [A/G#]make it [A]
Don't [B]hold on too [A/C#]tight
I'll [B/D#]make it [E]without you [A]tonight
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