Valerie - The Weeknd chords

Singer/Band: The Weeknd

Tone: [Dm]
[Intro] (x2)
[Dm] [Am] [Gm] [A]
[Dm] There comes a time in a man's [Am]life
Where [Gm]he must take responsibility
[A]For the choices he has made
[Dm]There are certain things [Am]that he must do
[Gm]Things that he [A]must say
[Dm]Like I Love [Am]you
[Gm]And I need [A]you
I [Dm]only want [Am]you
And [Gm]nobody's goin' to know if [A]it's true
[Dm]I never thought I'd
feel this kind [Am]of [Gm]hesitation (tonight)
My hand on another [A]girl
[Dm]I wish I [Am]didn't have to lie [Gm](ooh)
I wish I could let [A]you know
[Dm]Cause I love [Am]you
[Gm]And I need [A]you
I [Dm]only want [Am]you
And [Gm]nobody's going to know if [A]it's true
[Am]I know you can see [Gm]through me (I
know you can see through my [A]lies)
You j[Am]ust choose to never kno[Gm]w (No you
just dont know, what[A] I do, what I do)
[Am]Why pretend to trust in me? [Gm](I don't
know why you try to trust in me, baby
[A]but I think I might know)
[Am]You'd rather [Gm]this than be alone [A](ooh)
[Bridge] (x2)
[Dm]Cause I love [Am]you
[Gm]And I need you [A]
I only [Dm]want you [Am]
And [Gm]nobody's going to know if its [A]true
And I Love You (cause I love you baby)
And I Need You (and I need)
I Only Want You
And nobody's going to know (oooh)
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