Video Killed The Radio Star - IU chords

Singer/Band: IU

[D] I heard you [G]on the wireless [Em]back in [A]fifty two
[D] Lying [G]awake intent at [Em]tuning in on [A]you.
[D] If I was [G]young it didn't [Em]stop you [A]coming through.
[D] [G] [Em] [A]
Oh-a oh
[D] They took the [G]credit for your [Em]second [A]symphony.
[D] Rewritten [G]by machine and [Em]new [A]technology,
[D] and now I [G]understand the [Em]problems you [A]can see.
[D]Oh-a [G]oh
[Em] I met your [A]children
[D]Oh-a [G]oh
[Em] What did you [A]tell them?
[D]Video [G]killed the [Em]radio [A]star.
[D]Video [G]killed the [Em]radio [A]star.
[D]Pictures [G]came and [Em]broke your [A]heart.
[D] [G]Oh-a-a-a [Em]oh [A]
You [D] [G]are [Em]a [A]radio [D] [G] [Em] [A]star
you [D] [G]are [Em]a [A]radio [D] [G] [Em] [A]star
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