What Do I Do With My Heart - Renan Nerone chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Renan Nerone

[Intro] (x2)
[C] [Em] [Am] [F]
[C]You don't have to say a [Em]word
[Am]I can see it in your [F]eyes
[C]I know what you want to [Em]say
[Am]It's so hard to say [F]goodbye
[C]I can hold back my tears [E7]and try
to be strong [Am]while our love is [Bb]falling apart
[C]I know what I'll say [Am7]if you walk away
[FMaj7]But what do I do -- [G]what do I do with my [F]h[C]eart
[C]I'm not gonna say a [Em]word
[Am]I know I can't [F]change your mind
[C]You know where you need [Em]to go
[Am]I know I'll be left [F]behind
[C]I won't hold you back
[E7]I won't stand in your way [Am]if you need to make a new [Bb]start
[C]But I still want to know [Am7]when my arms let you go
[FMaj7]But what do I do -- w[G]hat do I do with my h[F]eart[C]
[Gm]Oh girl don't you remember
[Cm]It was not so long ago [Gm]we were
making plans for [Cm]two -- just me and you
[Gm]Now you tell me that you've found somebody
[Cm]Someone who loves you better
C# Bb(2) C(8)
No one could ever love you the way I do
[C]Tell me your not leaving [Em]now
[Am]Tell me that you want to [F]stay
[C]Tell me that you love me [Em]still
[Am]For this and this alone I [F]pray
[C]I'll do anything [E7]to save what we had
[Am]I'll love you till death do us [Bb]part
[C]But what do I do when [Am7]I'm still missing you
[FMaj7]What do I do -- w[G]hat do I do with m[F]y he[C]art
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