While your lips are still red - Nightwish chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: Nightwish

Intro: [Em] [Bm] [D] [Am] [Em] [Bm] [C] [D]
1. [Em] Sweet little words make the [C] silence
Not so [D] young, heartfelt love not [C] heart-[D] ache.
[Em] Dark hair fall, catch [G] in the wind
Light the way the [C] sight of a [D] cold [Em] world
Chorus: [Em] Kiss, while [Bm] your lips are still [D] red
While [Am] he’s still in silent [Em] rest
While [Bm] bosom is still un- [C] touched
Un-[D] veiled on another [Em] hair
While the [Bm] hand’s still without a [D] tool
Drown into [Am] eyes while they’re still [Em] blind
[Bm] Love while the night still [C] hides the withering [D] dawn
[Em] [D] [C] [D] [Em]
2. [Em] First day of love never [C] comes back
Compassion, its [D] power’s never are [C] wasted [D] wrong
[Em] The violin, the [G] poet’s hand
Every thawing [C] heart plays your [D] theme with [Em] care
Repeat chorus twice ...
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