Wind Of Change (Cinderella) - Tom Keifer chords

Singer/Band: Tom Keifer

[G] [C] [G] [C]
I[G] look into the mirror
[G]Can almost count the [C]years
[G]The memories are clearer
Of all those[C] things I feared
I [G]watch the time pass slowly
It comes and [C]goes like the waves[F]
[G]The sea can touch the sky at night
It's got the [C]freedom I crave[F] [Em]
[Eb]I'm going through changes[G] in my life
[Eb]I'm going through changes
It'll [F]be alright[G]
[G] [C] [F] [Em]
[G]Look into a picture
A thousand [C]years are told[F] [C]
[G]Now is it any wonder
What our [C]tomorrows hold[F] [Em]
[G]Our yesterdays are over
You know they [C]go so fast[F] [Em]
If[G] I could rule the winds of change
You know I'd [C]make it all last[F] [C]
[Eb]I'm going through changes in [G]my life
[Eb]I'm going through changes
It'll [F]be alright[G]
[G] [C] [G] [C] [G] [C]
I [C]walked alone through the [G]blackest night
I[F] felt the cold, I [G]felt the bite
I[C] took the high road but it [G]ain't right
It's[F] just the low road in[G] disguise
[G]I'm going through changes[C]
[C]Ah yeah[G]
[G]Everything's gonna be alright, yea[C]
[C]Got to the top of an [G]uphill climb
[G]Only to look down the other side
[C]Just when you think it's on[G] your side
This[F] world will show you ain't no [G]reason to the rhyme
[G]I'm going through changes[C]
Ah yea[G]
[G]Everything's gonna be alright
[F]Times keep a changing [G]every day
Watch out now cause it's heading your way[C]
[G]Ah yea
[G]Seems like the world turned upside[C] down
Seems like everything's [G]falling down[C] [G]
[G]But it's all getting better every day[C]
Ah, every day
[G] [C] [F] [Em]
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