Winter Wonderland - Michael Buble chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Michael Buble

Tone: [C] Capo: 1
[G] [Dm] [G] [G7] [Am] [G] [C]
Sleigh bells [C]ring, are you listenin'
In the [G]lane, snow is glistening
A [G]beautiful [Dm]sight, we're [G]happy [G7]tonight
[Am]Walking in a [G]Winter [C]Wonderland
Gone [C]away is the blue bird
Here to [G]stay is a new bird
He's [G]singing our [Dm]song, as [G]we go [G7]along
[Am]Walking in a [G]Winter [C]Wonderland
[E]In the [A]meadow we can build [E]a snowman
[E]Then pretend [A]that he is [E]Parson Brown
[G]He'll say "Are you [C]married?", We'll say [G]"No man,
But [Am]you can do the [D]job when you're in [G]town."
Later [C]on, we'll conspire
As we [G]dream by the fire
To [G]face [Dm]unafraid, the [G]plans that we [G7]made
[Am]Walking in a [G]Winter [C]Wonderland
[E]In the [A]meadow we can build a [E]snowman
[E]And pretend [A]that he's a [E]circus clown
[G]We'll have lots of [C]fun with Mr. [G]Snowman
[Am]Until the other [D]kiddies knock him [G]down
When it [C]snows, ain't it thrillin'
Though your [G]nose gets a chillin'
We'll [G]frolic and [Dm]play, the [G]Eskimo [G7]way
[Am]Walking in a [G]Winter [C]Wonderland
[Am]Walking in a [G]Winter [C]Wonderland!
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