You're a woman, I'm a man - Bad Boys Blue chords

Singer/Band: Bad Boys Blue

Capo on 3rd fret
1. To-[Am] night, they'll [G] be no darkness to-[Am] night [Em]
Hold [Am] tight, [G] let your love light shine [Am] bright [Em]
[F] Listen to my heart, and lay your [C] body next to mine.
[F] Let me fill your [Dm] soul, with all my [E7] dreams
Chorus: You're a [Am] woman, I'm a [Dm] man.
This is [G] more than just a [C] game
I can [Am] make you feel so [Dm] right.
Be my [E7] lady of the [Am] night
You're a [Am] woman, I'm a [Dm] man
You're my [G] fortune, I'm your [C] fame
These are [Am] things we can't dis-[Dm] guise.
Be my la-E7 dy of the [Am] night
[Am] [Dm]-[Am] [Dm]
2. Lay [Am] back, [G] back in my tender-[Am] ness [Em]
And [Am] take, [G] take all of my sweet ca-[Am] ress [Em]
[F] You've got all of me, it can't go [C] wrong if you agree.
[F] Soon two hearts will [Dm] beat in ecsta[E7] sy.
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