Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Arctic Monkeys

Tone: [D]
Baby, I'm [D]yours, [B7]
And I'll be [Em]yours until
the [A]stars fall from the [D]sky, [B7]
Y[Em]ours until the [A]rivers all run [G]dry,
In other [F#m]words, until I [Em]die. [A]
Baby, I'm [D]yours, [B7]
And I'll be [Em]yours until the [A]sun no longer [D]shines, [B7]
Yo[Em]urs until the [A]poets run out of [G]rhyme,
In other [F#m]words, until the [Em]end of [A]time.
I'm gonna [G]stay [F#/G]right [Em]here [G]by [F#/G]your [Em]side,
[F#m]Do my best to keep you satisfied,
[G]Nothin' in the world can drive me away,
[A]Every [Asus4]day you'll [A]hear me say...
Baby, I'm [D]yours (baby, I'm [B7]yours)
And I'll be [Em]yours (yours)
until [A]two and two is [D]three, [B7]
[Em]Yours (yours) until the [A]mountains crumble to the [G]sea
In [F#m]other words, un[Em]til eternity [A]
Baby, I'm [D]yours [B7]
'Til the stars fa[Em]ll from the [A]sky
Baby, I'm [D]yours [B7]
'Til the rivers a[Em]ll run [A]dry
Baby, I'm [D]yours [B7]
'Til the sun n[Em]o longer [A]shines
Baby, I'm [D]yours [B7]
'Til the poets [Em]run out of [A]rhyme
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