Could I have this dance - Anne Murray chords

Singer/Band: Anne Murray

Capo 2 tone G
1. [G]I'll always [G7]remember the [C]song they were [D7]playin',
The [C]first time we [D7]danced, and I [G]knew [D7]
As we [G]swayed to the [G7]music and [C]held to each [D7]other,
[C]I fell in [D7]love with [G]you [D7]
Chorus: Could [G]I have this [G7]dance for the [C]rest of my life?
Would [D7]you be my partner, [C]every [D7]night?
[G]When we're [G7]together it [C]feels so [Cm]right,
Could [G]I have this dance, for [D7]the rest, of my [G]life? [D7]
2. [G]I'll always [G7]remember [C]that magic [D7]moment,
When [C]I held you [D7]close to [G]me [D7]
As [G]we moved [G7]together, [C]I knew [D7]forever
[C]You're all I'll [D7]ever [G]need [D7]
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