Girl You Are My Love - Tokyo Square chords

Singer/Band: Tokyo Square

[C]Girl you are my [Dm]love
You're my heart and [G]soul
You're my shining [C]star
My [Am]love is just for [Dm]you
I'll be feeling [G]blue
Living without [C]you.
[F]Every [Dm]breath that I [Em]take
And [Am]every step I want to [F]make
I want to [C]share my love with [Dm]you
Right till the end of [G]time.
I [C]want to hold you by my [Am]side
I [Dm]want to [G]make you stay to-[C]night
Girl somehow I [Dm]know deep inside
Your heart that you [G]need my tender [C]touch.
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