Say You'll Be Mine - Tokyo Square chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Tokyo Square

Tone [Am] Capo on 1st fret
[Am] Heaven of the sky
Will be mine [Am] when you say you're mine
Oh, my [G] darling, say you you'll [C] be mine
[F] Love you all the [Em] time
[Am] Love you forever
[Em] Always to [Dm] gether till the [G] end of [C] time
[F] Love you forever [Em] and ever more
I a-[Dm] dore that [Em] you're my [Am] love
[Dm] Tell me you'll [Em] always be [Am] mine
[F] Love me till the [G] end of [C] time
[Dm] Hold me in your [Am] arms now
Tell me you're [Em] mine now
[Dm] Always and for [Em] ever [Am] more
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