Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Michael Buble chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Michael Buble

Capo 2
[G] [Em7] [Am7] [D7] [x2]
[G]Have [Em7]yourself a [Am7]merry little [D7]Christmas
[G]Let your [Em7]heart be [Am7]light [D7]
[G]From now [Em7]on, our [Am7]troubles will be [D7]out of [B7][E7]sight [A7]
[D] [D7]
[G]Have [Em7]yourself a [Am7]merry little [D7]Christmas
[G]Make the [Em7]Yuletide [Am7]gay [D7]
[G]From now [Em7]on, our [Am7]troubles will be [B7]miles [Em]away [G7]
[Cmaj7] Once [Cm6]again as in [Bm]olden days [Bbdim]
happy [Am]golden days [D7] of [Gmaj7]yore
[Em]Faithful [F#7]friends who are [Bm]dear to us [E7]
gather [D7]near to us [A7] once [Am7]more [D7]
[G]Through the [Em7]years we [Am7]all will be [D7]together
[G]If the [Em7]Fates [Am7]allow [D7]
[G]Hang a [Em7]shining [Am7]star upon the [B7]highest [Em]bough [G] [G7]
And [Cmaj7]have yourself a [Am7]merry little [D7]Christmas [G]now.
[G] [Em7] [Am7] [D7] [x2] [G]
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