hope ur ok - Olivia Rodrigo chords

Singer/Band: Olivia Rodrigo

Intro [C] [Am] X2
Verse 1
[C] I knew a boy once, when I was [Am]small
A towhead blond, with eyes of [C]salt
He played the drum in the marching [Am]band
[C] His parents cared more about the [Am]Bible
Than being good to their own [C]child
He wore long sleeves cuz of his [Am]dad
And [F]somehow we fell out of [Am]touch
Hope he [F]took his bad deal and made a royal [Am]flush
Don't [F]know if I'll see you again [Am]someday
But if you're [G]out there, I hope that you're [C]okay
[C] [Am]
Verse 2
[C] My middle school friend grew up [Am]alone
She raised her brothers on her [C]own
Her parents hated who she [Am]loved
[C]She couldn't wait to go to [Am]college
She was tired cuz she was [C]brought
Into a world where [Am]family was merely blood
Does she [F]know how proud I am she was [Am]created
With the [F]courage to unlearn all of their [Am]hatred
We [F]don't talk much but I just gotta [Am]say
"I[G] miss you, and I hope that you're[C] okay"
[C]Address the [Am]letters, to the holes in my butterfly wings
[C]Nothing's forever, [Am]nothing's as good as it [F]seems
And when the clouds won't [Am]iron out
And the monsters creep into your [C]house
And every door is hard to [G]close
Well I hope you [F]know how proud I am you were [Am]created
With the [F]courage to unlearn all of their [Am]hatred
God, [F]I hope that you're happier [Am]today
"Cuz I [G]love you, and I hope that you're [C]okay"
[C] [Am] X2
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