I'll Make Cereal - Cavetown chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Cavetown

Tone: [G]
[G]Fall into my mattress [D]endlessly
I need to run, just let [B]me sleep
Then the nightmares come [C]that feel so real
[G]Seems the darkness weighs [D]it down
The later on, the more it [B]pounds
And in the morning I' ll [C]make cereal
[G]The world' s coming to [D]an end
What' s the point if we can' [B]t be friends?
Pick me up from dungeon' [C]s ferris wheel
[G]Getting lost inside [D]my head
Not too long ' til we' re [B]all dead
And in the morning I' ll [C]make cereal
[C]So what' ll it be
[D]Cornflakes or toast?
Pil[Em]ls or a dose of radi[G]ation[D]?
[C]Armageddon is [D]far too close
[Em]She visits me [C]every night
At[C] least it makes go[D]od convers[G]ation
[G]Marine comes [D]before ET
Maybe space is under [B]the sea
And the sky is full of [C]coral reefs
[G]UFOs swim in the [D]dark
We' re fixated on the [B]sharks
Slicing fins and [C]plucking their teeth
[G]All of this it comes [D]to me
In the deep corners of [B]my sleep
And the bed frame starts to [C]creak and reel
[G]Fish leave poison in my [D]brain
Starts to turn me [B]insane
But in the morning I' ll [C]make cereal
A[C]s always I' l[D]l make cer[G]eal
A[C]s always I' l[D]l make my favourit[G]e cereal
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