I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston chords

Singer/Band: Whitney Houston

If I [A], should stay [A]
I would [F#m] only be in
Your [D] way [E]
So I go [A], but I know[A]
I'll think [F#m] of you, every step
Of [D] the [E] way
And [A] [F#m] [D] I-I-I-I [E]will always
Love [A] you [F#m], you[D], I, will always [E]love you [A]
You[F#m], my [E]darling you
Bittersweet[A], memories[A]
That's all[F#m] I, am taking
With[D] me[E]
So goodbye[A], please [A]don't cry
We both [F#m]know, I'm not
What[D] you [E]need
And [A] [F#m] [D]I-I-I-I [E]will always
Love[A] you[F#m], you, I[D], will always[E] love you
I [A]hope, life treats you[A] kind
And I hope[F#m], you have all
You've dreamed[D] [E]of
And I wish to you joy[A], and happines
But above all[F#m] of this
I wish you [D] [E]love
And [B] [Abm] [E]I-I-I-I will[F#] always
Love you[B], [Abm] [E]I-I-I, [F#]will always [B]love you
You[Abm], I[E], [F#m]will always[B] love you
You[Abm], I[E], [F#]will always[B] love you
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