It's now or never - Elvis Presley chords

Singer/Band: Elvis Presley

Chorus: It's now or [D] never, come hold me [Em] tight
Kiss me my [A7] darling, be mine to- [D] night
To- [Gm] morrow will be too [D] late
It's now or [A7] never my love won't [D] wait
1. When I first [D] saw you with your smile so [Em] tender
My heart was [A7] captured, my soul sur- [D] rendered
I'd spend a lifetime waiting for the [Em] right time
Now that you're [D] near the time is [A7] here at [D] last
2. Just like a [D] willow we would cry an [Em] ocean
If we lost [A7] true love and sweet de- [D] votion
Your lips excite me, let your arms in –[Em] vite me
For who knows [D] when we'll meet [A7] again this [D] way
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