Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley Martina McBride chords

Singer/Band: Elvis Presley , Martina McBride

Version 1
[E]I'll have a blue Christmas [B]without you
I'll be so [B7]blue thinking [E]about you
[E7]Decorations of [E]red on a [A]green Christmas [F#]tree
Won't be the same dear, [B7]if you're not here with [B]me
[B7]And the when those [E]blue snowflakes start [B]falling
That's when those [B7]blue memories start [E]calling
You'll be [E7]doing all [E]right, with your [A]Christmas of white
But [B7]I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue [E]Christmas
[E] [B] [B7] [E]
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