Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Patsy Cline chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Patsy Cline

Capo on 2nd fret Key [C]
Verse I.
[C]I [E7b5] am [Am]weak but [Gbm6]Thou art [Dm]strong,
[G7][C]Jesus [G7]keep me from all [C]wrong.
I'll be [G]satisified [C]as [F]long
As I [G]walk, [C]let [G7]me [C]walk [G7]close to [C]thee.
[C][E7b5]Just a [Am]closer walk [Gbm6]with [Dm]thee,
[G7]Grant [C]it, [G7]Jesus is my [C]plea.
Daily walking [G]close [C]to [F]thee,
Let it [G][C]be, [G7]dear [C]lord. [G7]Let it [C]be. [G7] [C]
Verse II.
[C]When [E7b5] my [Am]feeble life [Gbm6] is [Dm]o'er,
[G7]Time [C]for [G7]me shall be no [C]more.
Guide me gently, [G][C]safely [F]o'er,
To thy [G][C]kingdom [G7] [C]shore, [G7]to Thy [C]shore.
Verse III.
[C]When [E7b5]life's [Am]sun sinks in [Gbm6] the [Dm]west,
[G7]Lord, [C]may [G7] I have done my [C]best.
May I find sweet [G]peace [C]and [F]rest,
In that [G][C]happy [G7]home [C]of [G7]the [C]blessed.
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