La Belle Et La Bete (Beauty And The Beast) - Peppina chords

Singer/Band: Peppina

Intro [C] [G/B] [F] [Fm] (2x)
[C]A long time ago, in a [G/B]story so old
There was a[F] beauty and and a beast, or so [Fm]I've been told
They [C]were these two strangers, [G/B]two lonely souls
But it's [F]not what you think, no, [Fm]here's how it goes:
[C]Lets start with the Beast, he was [G/B]ugly and scary
[F]Pathetic and poor, and [Fm]horribly hairy
[C]The outside was rough, but [G/B]once he smiled
You could [F]see that he had a heart of [Fm]gold inside
[C]The Beast loved a Beauty, this [G/B]pretty little thing
She was the [F]fairest of them all, and she could [Fm]dance and sing
But [C]unlike the beast whose [G/B]love shined the best
[F]She loved herself, never [Fm]cared for the rest
La[C] Belle et la [G/B]bête
Quelle[F] tragédie[Fm]
Elle est [C]comme le [G/B]jour
Il est [F]comme la nuit
Il est[C] amoureux[G/B]
Elle ne [F]se soucie [Fm]pas
Vont-ils [C]mourir tout [G/B]seule?[F]
[Fm]On[C] verra
[G/B] [F] [Fm]
[C] [G/B] [F] [Fm]
[C]One day the beast found the [G/B]Beauty "Perfection"
[F]Sitting by the lake making [Fm]love to her reflection
The [C]Beast then decided that it[G/B] was the time
To [F]tell the pretty Beauty of his[Fm] feelings inside
He stepped [C]out from the shades with a [G/B]flower in hand
Said [F]bravely: "My lady, the [Fm]fairest in this land,
I might [C]not be a prince, but my [G/B]heart beats for you!"
Oh the [F]Beauty just laughed, so [Fm]cold, so cruel
"You [C]smelly old fat hairy [G/B]pig", she said
"You [F]thought I could love you? I'd [Fm]rather be dead!"
Still [C]laughing she turned and [G/B]danced to her home
[F]Leaving the Beast, [Fm]heart-broken, alone
(one strum each)
While the [C]Beauty lives all by [G/B]herself still today
The[F] Beast learned his lesson and [Fm]changed his ways
He[C] found that true beauty [G/B]cannot be seen
And that [F]things are most likely [Fm]not what they seem
[C] [G/B] [F] [Fm] (3x, getting slower)
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