Let it go + Wildest Dream - Taylor Swift Idina Menzel chords

Singer/Band: Taylor Swift , Idina Menzel

Let it go + Wildest dream Taylor Swift / Idina Menzel Capo 1 (Bài này là bản remix của Tiagz trên Tiktok nhưng vì Tiagz chỉ làm phần đầu nên mình tự mix phần còn lại, nếu bạn không thích bản mix của mình có thể vào link: https://youtu.be/v5x1JH0HL
The [Em]snow glows white on the [C]mountain tonight
Not a [D]footprint to be [A]seen
A [Em]kingdom of iso [C]lation
And it [D]looks like
I'm the [A]queen
[Em]The wind is [C]howling like this [D]swirling storm in [A]side
[Em]Couldn't keep it [D]in
Heaven knows I [A]tried
[D]Don't let them in, don't let them [C]see
Be the good girl you always have to be
[D]Conceal, don't feel, don't let them [C]know
Well, now they know
[G]Say you'll remember [D]me
Standing in a [Am]nice dress, staring at the [C]sunset babe
[G]Red lips and rosy [D]cheeks
Say you'll see me [Am]again even if it's [C]just in your
[G]Wildest [D] [Am] [C]dreams
[G]Wildest [D] [Am] [C]dreams
I say [C]no one has to know what we [Em]do
His hands are in my [D]hair,
his clothes are in my room
And his [C]voice is a familiar
[Em]sound, nothing lasts [D]forever
But this is getting good [C]now
He's so tall, and [Em]handsome as hell
[D]He's so bad but does it so well
[C]When we've had our [Em]very last kiss
My [D]last request is
[D]It's time to see what I can [C]do
To test the limits and break [D]through
[D]No right, no wrong, no rules for [C]me
I'm free!!!!
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
I am [Em]one with the wind and [C]sky
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
You'll [Em]never see me [D]cry
[G]Here I [D]stand and [Em]here I'll stay
Let the [Bm]storm rage [Bb]on
You'll [G]see me in hindsight
[D]Tangled up with you all night
[Am]Burning it [C]down
[G]Someday when you leave me
[D]I bet these memories [Am]follow you [C]around
You [G]see me in hindsight
[D]Tangled up with you all night
[Am]Burning it [C]down
[G]Some day when you leave me
[D]I bet these memories [Am]follow you [C]around
[E]I'm never [C]going back, the [D]past is in the [Am]past [C]
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
And I'll [Em]rise like the break of [C]dawn
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
That [Em]perfect girl is [C]gone
[G]Here I [D]stand in the [Em]light of [C]day [Cm]
Let the [Bm]storm [Bb]rage on
The [C]cold never bothered me anyway! [G]
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