Midnight Lady - Chris Norman chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Chris Norman

Tone: [Am] Capo: 1
[Am] [Em] [F] [C]-[Am] [Em] [F] [C]
1. You think [Am] love is a game, love is a [Em] motion
Endless [F] and so deep, always e-[C] motion
I've got [Am] many ways, to reach to-[Em] morrow
Love will [F] always grow, no pain, no [C] sorrow
When you [Dm] take me in your arms, you can [Em] break me with your heart
I feel the [F] magic of your charm, oh, you're [G] tearing me apart
Chorus: Midnight [C] lady, love takes time
Midnight [F] lady, it's hard to find
Midnight [Dm] lady, I call your name
I know [Em] you can ease my [G] pain
Midnight [C] lady, just you and me
Midnight [F] lady, eternally
Midnight [Dm] lady, I can fly in your [Em] arms
I'll get [Am] high
2. Magic [Am] touched my life, I'm still [Em] dreaming
Any-[F] thing before has lost its [C] meaning
Heaven [Am] in your eyes, my soul is [Em] on fire
Oh, my [F] feelings grow, we can't go [C] higher
Oh, [Dm] I just want a girl, baby, [Em] just to call my own
And [F] I just wanna dream, I don't [G] have to dream alone
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