Mexican Girl - Chris Norman chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Chris Norman

1. [D] Juanita came to me last night and she cried over and [G]over
Ooh, Daddy I [A]love you you know and I think it's the [D] moonlight
She [D] looked so fine, well she looked alright and she moaned, oh, Daddy move
[G] over
Oh, baby you [A]know what I like and I think it's the [D] moonlight
[D] Made in Mexico, schooled in France ooh la lovin' She needed [G] no
Oh man, I can [A]say international ways, I believe [D] in
Mexican [D] girl, don't leave me [G]alone
I gotta [D] heart as big as a [A]stone, and I [D] need you, believe [A7]me
To be here and love me [D] tonight
Mexican [D] girl, I want you to [G]stay, you know my [D] heart is
Longing to [A]say that as [D] long as I live I [A]will always
Remember the [G] one that I [A7]called my Mexican [D] girl
2. [D] Her skin was soft as the velvet sky and her hair it shone in the [G]
And as the [A] music did play well the night turned to day and I held her
Then she [D] looked at me with her dark brown eyes and she whispered, "Hasta
La [G] Vista!"
Well I don't [A] know what it means but it sounded so good so. I [D] kissed
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