Never Say Goodbye - Jon Bon Jovi chords

Singer/Band: Jon Bon Jovi

[G]As I sit in this smoky room the [Bm]night about to end
[F]I pass my time with strangers, but the bottle's [Cm]my only friend
[G]Remember when we used to park on Butler [Bm]Street out in the dark
[F]Remember when we lost the keys and you lost more[C] than that in my back
seat, Baby
[G]Remember when we used to talk about bust[Bm]ing out, we'd break their
[F]Together [C/B] [F]forever[C/B]
[G]Never say goodbye, never say goo[Bm]dbye
[C] [Cm]
You and me and my old friends, hoping it would never end
[G]Say goodbye, never say goodbye [Bm]
[C] [Cm]
Holding on we got to try, holding on to never say goodbye
Intro (only first time)
Verse 2
Remember days of skipping school, racing cars and being cool,
With a six pack and a radio, we didn't need no place to go
Remember at the prom that night, you and me we had a fight,
But the band they played our favorite song and I held you in my arms so strong
We danced so close. We danced so slow and I swore I'd never let you go
Together, forever
Repeat Chorus
[Solo][G]Oh[G] a[|]nd[Bm] I [|]gu[C]es[|]s [Eb]you[-]'d[F] s[|]ay[G] w[|]e
[Bm]use[|]d [C]to[|] t[Eb]alk[-] a[F]bo[Bm]ut busting out we'd break their
Together, Forever
End G | Bm | C | Eb6 - F | G | Bm | C | cm | G
chords: C/B x22010 or (easyer) x20010
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