Wanted Dead Or Alive - Jon Bon Jovi chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Jon Bon Jovi

It's [D]all the same[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
Only[Cadd9] the names will [G]change
[Cadd9]Everyday[G] it seems we're[F] [C/E]wasting [D]away
Another[D] place[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
Where the [Cadd9]faces are so [G]cold
I'd [Cadd9]drive all [G]night
Just to [C/E]get back[F] home[D]
I'm a [Cadd9]cowboy,[G] on a [F]steel horse I [D]ride
I'm [Cadd9]wanted [G] [C]dead or [F]alive[D]
[Cadd9]Wanted [G] [C]dead or [F]alive [D]
Sometimes [D]I sleep,[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
[Cadd9]Sometimes it's not for [G]days
And [Cadd9]people I [G]meet
always [F]go their separate [D]ways
Sometimes[D] you tell the day[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
By the [Cadd9]bottle that you [G]drink
And [Cadd9]times when you're [G]
alone all[F] you do is [D]think
I walk [D]these streets,[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
A loaded [Cadd9]six string on my [G]back
I [Cadd9]play for keeps,[G] 'cause
I[C] might not[F] make it[D] back
I've been [D]everywhere,[Dsus4] [Dsus2] [D]
Still I'm [Cadd9]standing tall[G]
I've[Cadd9] seen a million[G] faces
And I' [C]ve [F]rocked them [D]all
I'm a [Cadd9]cowboy, I [G]got the [F]night on my [D]side
I'm [Cadd9]wanted [G] [C]dead or [F]alive [D]
[C]Dead or [F]alive [G]
[C]Dead or [F]alive [D]
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