One More Time, One More Chance - Quân Keyboard chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Quân Keyboard

[D]Tell me how much more [Daug]do I have to lose
[Gmaj7]Before I can ever [Gm]forgive myself
[D]Do you know how much [Daug]more pain I must endure
[Gmaj7]Before I can ever [Gm]see your face again
[F#m]One more [Bm]time - Tell me [Em]why the seasons [Gm]keep on changing
[F#m]One more [Bm]time - Missing [Em]all the times that we [Gm]shared as one
All those times when we used to argue back and forth
i always just let you have it your way
What kind of spell did you cast on me
I even loved all of your selfish ways
One more chance - When I find myself lost in those memories
One more chance - I don’t know where to go or where to land
[D]It doesn’t matter where [Dmaj7]I am because
[C]I can’t help but [B7]look for you everywhere
[Em]On the station platform, [Em7]in the alley windows
[Em7]I keep fooling myself thinking [A]I might find you there
[D]Never thought I would [Dmaj7]wish upon a star
[C]I just want to [B7]be there by your side
[Em]There’s nothing that I won’t do, [Em7]I’d give up everything
[Em7]Just to hold you in my [A]arms, one more [C]time [D] [C]
If all I wanted was just not to be alone,
I should be happy with just anyone
But tonight the stars are hanging by a thread,
and I can’t lie to myself anymore
One more time - Tell me why the seasons keep on changing
One more time - Missing all the times that we shared as one
It doesn’t matter where I am because
Can’t help but look for you everywhere
At the intersection, even in my dreams
Knowing there is no way you would be there
If I could just believe in miracles
I would do anything to show you now
In the morning light, completely new me
I’d tell you what I couldn’t say before, “I love you.”
[Bb]Memories of [C]our summers [D]together [C] [B]ooh
[Bb]Our beating [C]hearts were heard no [A]more
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