Pretty Girl - Clairo chords

Singer/Band: Clairo

Tone [C]
Verse 1:
[Dm7] polariod [Em7]of u dancing in my room
[Dm7] i want 2 [Em7]remember i think it was about noon
[Dm7] it's getting harder 2 [Em7]understand, 2 understand
[Dm7] how u felt in my hands, [Em7]in my hands
[Dm7]i could be a [Cmaj7]pretty girl, i'll [Em7]wear a skirt 4[Dm7] u
[Dm7]i could be a [Cmaj7]pretty girl, shut [Em7]up when u want me [Dm7]2
[Dm7]i could be a [Cmaj7]pretty girl, won't [Em7]ever make u [Dm7]blue
[Dm7]i could be a [Cmaj7]pretty girl, i'll [Em7]lose myself in [Dm7]u
Verse 2:
[Dm7]i was so blinded [Em7]by uuuuuu, now i [Dm7]cry
just thinking bout the [Em7]fool that i was
i'm [Dm7]alone now but it's [Em7]better 4 me
i [Dm7]don't need all ur [Em7]negativity [Fmaj7]
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