Pretty Maids All In A Row - The Eagles chords

Key: D Singer/Band: The Eagles

Capo on 1st fret
[D]Hi there how [G/D]are ya
It's[A/D] been a long[G] tim[G/A]e [A]
[D]Seems like we've [G/D]come a long [A/D]way. [Am/D]
[Gmaj9]My, but we [F#m7]learn so [Em7]slow
and [Gmaj9]heroes they [F#m7]come and they [Em7]go
and [Gmaj9]leave us be [F#m7]hind as [Cmaj9]if we're supposed to [G]know
[Bm7]Ahhh ahhh ahhh [F#m7]ahhh ahhh [Gmaj9]ahhhhhhh.
[D/A]Ahhh ahhh [E7]ahhh ahhh ahhh [G/A][A]ahhhhhhh.
Why do we [Bm7]give up our [F#m7]hearts to the [Gmaj9]past?
And [D/A]why must we [E7]grow up so [G/A]fast? [A] [G/A]ooooo [A]oooo
[Gmaj9]wishing well [F#m7]fools with your [Em7]fortunes,
[Gmaj9]someone should [F#m7]send you a [Em7]rose
with [Gmaj9]love from a [F#m7]friend.
It's [Em7]nice to hear from you [A7sus4]again.
And the [Bm7]storybook [F#m7]comes to a [Gmaj9]close.
[D/A]Gone are the [E7]ribbons and [G/A]bows. [A]
[Bm7]Things to [F#m7]remember, [Gmaj9]places to go,
[D/A]pretty maids [E7]all in a [G/A]row. [A]
[|][Bm7]ooooooo [F#m7]ooooooo ooooooo [Gmaj9] ooo oo oo
[D/A]oooo ooo [E7]oooo [G/A]oo ooooo [A]
[|]oo[Bm7]ooooo oo[F#m7]ooooo ooo o[Gmaj9]o ooo oo oo
[D/A]oooo ooo [E7]oooo [G/A]oo ooooo [A]
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