Sealed With A Kiss - Bobby Vinton chords

Singer/Band: Bobby Vinton

Tone chuan la Fm. Capo 3 choi Dm. Tone [Dm]
1. Though we've got to say [G]good- bye [Gm]
For the [Dm]summer
[Gm]Darling, [C]I promise you [F]this
I'll [D7]send you all [Gm]my love [C7]
Every [A7]day in a [Dm]letter [Gm]
[A7]Sealed with a [Dm]kiss
2. Yes it's gonna be [G]cold, [Gm]lonely [Dm]summer
But [Gm]I'll fill the [C]emptin [F]ess
I'll [D7]send you all my [Gm]dreams [C]
Everyd [A7]ay in a [Dm]letter [Gm]
[A7]Sealed with a [Dm]kiss
I'll [G]see you in the [Dm]sun light
I'll [G]hear your voice [Dm]every where
I'll [G]run to tenderly hold [Dm]you
But, [E7]Darlin' you won't be [A]there
I don't wanna say [G]good- bye [Gm]
For the [Dm]summer
[Gm]Knowing [C]the love [F]we'll miss
[D7]Let us make [Gm]a pledge
To [C]meet in Sep[Dm]tember
[Gm]And [C]seal it with [Dm]a kiss
(Len 1/2 tone)
[C]Sealed with [Dm]a kiss [Gm]
[C]Sealed with [Dm]a kiss [Gm]
[C]Sealed with a [Dm]kiss
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