Secret - The Pierces - The Pierces chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: The Pierces

Got a [Am]secret
Can you [G]keep it?
Swear [F]this one you'll [E]save
Better [Dm]lock it, in your pocket
Taking this [E]one to the [Am]grave
If I [Am]show you then I [G]know you
Won't [F]tell what I [E]said
Cause [Dm]two can keep a secret
If [Em]one of them is [Am]dead
[Am]Why do you [G]smile
Like [F]you have told a [E]secret
[Am]Now you're telling [G]lies
Cause [F]you're the one
to keep [E] it
But [F]no one keeps a [E]secret
No [F]one keeps a [E]secret
[Am]Why when we do [G]our darkest [F]deeds
Do [E]we tell?
They [Am]burn in our [G]brains
Be[F]come a living [E]hell
Cause e[F]verybody tells[E]
E[F]verybody tells…[E]
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