Some Things Never Change - CAST OF FROZEN 2 chords

Singer/Band: CAST OF FROZEN 2

Intro :[F] [C] [Bb] [C]
Ye[F]s, the win[C]d blows a little b[Bb]it colder [C]
[F]And we're [C]all getting [Bb] [C]older
A[F]nd the clouds are[C]
moving on with[Bb] ever[C]y autum[F]n b[C]ree[Bb]ze [C]
[F]Peter Pumpkin j[C]ust became fer[Bb]tilizer[C]
[F]And my leaf’s [C]a little sadder and [Bb]wiser [C]
[F]That's why I [C]rely on certa[Bb]in ce[C]rtain[F]tie[C]s [Bb] [C]
[F]Yes, some things [Gm]never change
[Bb]Like the feel of your [C]hand in mine
[F]Some things stay the [Gm]same
[Bb]Like how we get along [C]just fine
Like an [Dm]old stone wall that'll [Bb]never fall
[F]Some [C]things are always [Bb]true
[F]Some [C]things [Bb]never [Gm]chan[C]ge
Like how I’m holding on tight to you
[F] [C] [Bb]
[F]The leaves are already [Bb]falling
[F]Sven, it feels like the future [Bb]is calling
[F]Are you telling me tonight
you're [Bb]gonna get down on one [F]knee? [Bb]
[F]Yeah, but I'm really bad at planning these [Bb]things out
[F]Like candlelight and pulling of [Bb]rings out
[F]Maybe you should leave all
the [Bb]romantic stuff to [F]me [Bb] [C]
[F]Yeah, some things [Gm]never change
[Bb]Like the love that I [C]feel for her
[F]Some things stay the [Gm]same
[Bb]Like how reindeers are [C]easier
But if [Dm]I commit and I [Bb]go for it
I'll [F]know what to [C]say and [Bb]do Right?
[F]Some [C]things [Bb]nev[Gm]er [C]change
Sven, the pressure is all on you
[F] [C] [Bb]
[Am]The winds are restless
[Bb]Could that be why I'm hearing this call?
Is [Am]something coming?
[Bb]I'm not sure I want things to change at all
[F]These days are [C]precious
[Bb]Can't let them [C]slip away
I [G]can't freeze this moment
But [Bb]I can still go out and seize this day
[F] [C]Ah[Bb]-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
[G]The wind blows a little bit [C]colder
[G]And you all look a little bit [C]older
[G]It’s time to count our [C]blessings
[G]Beneath an autumn [C]sky
[G]We’re always living in kingdom [C]aplenty
[G]That stands for the good and the [C]many
[G]And I promise you the flag of [C]Arendelle will always fly
[C]Our flag will always fly
[C]Our flag will always fly (Our flag will always fly)
[G]Some things never [Am]change
[C]Turn around and the [D]time has flown
[G]Some things stay [Am]the same
[C]Though the future remains [D]unknown
[Em]May our good luck last
[C]May our past be past
T[G]ime's moving fa[D]st, it’s tr[C]ue
[G]Some things [D]neve[Am]r ch[C]ange
And I'm holding on tight to you
[G]Holding on [D]tight to [C]you
[G]Holding on [D]tight to [C]you
[G]Holding on [D]tight to [C]you
[G]I'm holding [D]on tight [C]to you
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