Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night - Boney M chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: Boney M

Capo 3
[Em]You and I were finished I was [D]through with you
[Am]Splitting up fo[Bm]rever seemed the [Em]thing to do
[Em]I said I can't stand you with your [D]honey touch
[Am]This time you were [Bm]cheating me one [Em]time too much
[Em]Just then I remembered that a [D]friend I knew
[C]Told me one thing I should never [B7]do
Never [Em]never change your [Em]lovers in the [G]middle of the [Asus4]night
Every [Am]thing may look so [B7]different in the [Em]early morning [Em]light
Never [Em]never be too [Em]hasty when you're [G]groping in the [Asus4]dark
What you're [C]getting into [B7]may be just a [Em]lark [B7]
Keep your [Em]cool and don't change [Em]lovers when you're [G]feeling sorta
Sorta [Am]big and high and [B7]mighty without [Em]really knowing [Em]why
Let your [Em]heat wear off a [Em]little, give your [G]man another
And don't [C]fall for someone [B7]else's song and [Em]dance
[Em]Sure there was this guy right [D]next to me
[Am]Mine just for the [Bm]asking he said [Em]he would be
[Em]But to leave my man seemed to [D]me all too strange
And [Am]I'd say that I'm [Bm]glad I didn't [Em]make the change
[Em]Now our life is almost like a [D]Paradise
[C]Let me pass on to you this ad [B7]vice
Keep your [Em]cool and don't [Em]change lovers in the [G]middle of the
You may [Am]feel a strong temp [B7]tation, the vi [Em]brations may be right
But who [Em]knows what's gonna [Em]happen, you may [G]simply lose your
When you [C]find it, you'll [B7]find out you were a [Em]fool
Never [Em]never change your [Em]lovers under [G]any midnight [Asus4]spell
Take it [C]easy, slow and [B7]easy, every [Em]thing will turn out [Em]well
Let the [Em]sunshine of a [Em]new day, and don't [G]move while you're up
Changing [C]lovers in the [B7]middle of the [Em]night
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