Still I'm Sad - Boney M chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Boney M

Capo 3
[Am]See the stars come joining down from the sky,
Gently passing, they kiss your tears when you cry.
[C]See the wind of summer blow your [G]hair upon your head,
[C]See the rain, the falling rain, it's [E]rain.
[Am]Still I'm sad.
[Am]Oh my flowers, my tears just falling two days,
We are driving the night to find they are lost.
[C]Flower, flower the wind is blowing, [G]Time into my heart.
[C]When the wind blows hard, we are [E]apart.
[Am]Still I'm sad,
[Am]Still I'm sad.
[Am]Still I'm sad.
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