Sonny With A Chance - Demi Lovato chords

Key: E Singer/Band: Demi Lovato

[E]Off to the races [G#7]I'm going places. [A]Might be a long shot [G#7]mot
gonna waste it
[A]This is the big break [F#m]and it's calling my [Am]name. [B]Yeah
[E]So far so [G#7]great, get with it. [A]At least that's [F#m]how I see it
[A]Having a dream's [B]just the beginning
[E]So far so [G#7]great, believe it [A]Can't take a [F#m]way this feeling
[A]Taking a ride, [Em]chance to my side. [E]I can't [F#m]wait. [B]So far so
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