What God Wants For Christmas - Darius Rucker chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Darius Rucker

Capo 3 Intro: [C] [Am] [Dm] [G]
[C]Old man [C7]playing Santa Claus
[F]Blue in a town [Fm]with old Jack Frost
Now he's [Em]handing out [Am]candy canes and [Dm]smiles for [G]free
[C]People scoring [C7]with their lists
[F]Rushing around to [Fm]buy those gifts that will
[Em]End up [Am]wrapped up [Dm]underneath the [G]tree
[Gm]I'm sitting at this [C]red light [F]looking at a manger [Fm]scene
Watching [Em]snowflakes kiss [Am]that baby
And [Dm]it makes me [G]think
I wonder [C]what God [Am]wants for [Dm]Christma[G]s
[C]Something that you [C7]can't find in [F]a [Fm]store
Maybe [Em]peace on [Am]earth, no more [Dm]empty seats [Bb]in church
Might [Dm]be what's on His [G]wishlist
I wonder [Fm]what God [Bb]wants for [C]Christmas
[C] [Am] [Dm] [G] [C] [C7] [F] [Fm] [Em] [Am] [Dm] [G]
[Fm]What do you [Bb]give [Em]someone [Am]
[Dm]Who give His [G]only [C]Son
[Fm]What if we [Bb]believe in [Em]Him
[Dm]Like He believes [G]in us
I wonder [C]what God [Am]wants for [Dm][G]Christmas
[C]What might put a[C7] smile on His[F] face[Fm]
Every [Em]bible with no [Am]dust, the [Dm]devil [Bb]given up
[Dm]Might be [Em]what's on His [Dm]wishlis[G]t
I wonder what[Fm] God w[Bb]ants for Ch[C]ristmas
[Gm]What kind of [C]gift from you [F]and me [Fm]
More [Em]sister, more [Am]brother, more [Dm]lovin' one [Bb]another
Yeah, I [Dm]wonder, I [G]wonder what [F]God [Fm]wants
By [Em]now we oughta [Am]know what [Dm]God wants [G]for [C]Christmas
[C] [Am] [Dm] [G] [C] [C7] [F] [Fm] [Em] [Am] [Dm] [G] [C]
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