When Christmas Comes To Town (The Polar Express) - Meagan Moore Matthew Hall chords

Singer/Band: Meagan Moore , Matthew Hall

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[Eb/Bb]La La La La
[Eb/Bb]La La La La
[Eb/Bb]La La La La
[Eb/Bb]La La La La La
Verse 1
I'm [Eb]wishing [Bb7]on a s[Eb]tar and t[Eb]rying t[Bb7]o beli[Eb]eve
That [Eb]even [Bb7]though it's f[Eb]ar, he'll f[Eb]ind me C[Bb7]hristmas
I [Fm7]guess that Santa's [Bb/D]busy, 'cause he [Eb]never [Eb/G]comes
[Ab]around [Eb/G]
I [Fm7]think of him when [Bb11]Christmas comes to [Eb][Ebsus]town. [Eb]
Verse 2
The [Eb]best [Bb7]time of the y[Eb]ear, when e[Eb]veryo[Bb7]ne comes ho[Eb]me;
With [Eb]all this [Bb7]Christmas c[Eb]heer it's h[Eb]ard to b[Bb7]e alo[Eb]ne
[Fm7]Putting [Fm7/Eb]up the C[Bb/D]hristmas tree with f[Eb]riends who
c[Eb/G]ome ar[Ab]ound, [Eb/G]
It's [Fm7]so much fun when [Fm7/Bb]Christmas comes to [Ebsus]town [Eb]
[Bb7sus] [Bb7] [Eb] [Bb7] [Eb]
[Bb] [Bb7] [Eb] [Bb] [Bb7] [Eb]
[Bb] [Bb7] [Eb] [Fm] [Fm/Eb] [Bb/D]
[Eb] [Eb/G] [Ab] [Eb/G] [Fm7] [Fm7/Bb]
[Ebsus] [Eb]
[B]Presents for the[Db/B] childre[Bbm7]n wrapped in red and[Ebm7] green;
[B]All the things I've[Db9/B] heard about bu[Bbm7]t never reall[Ebm7]y seen.
[Fm7b5]No one [Fm7(b5)/Eb]will be [Bb7/D]sleeping on the [Ebm]night of
[Ebm/D]Christmas [Gb6/Db]Eve,
Hoping [F#m7]Santa's [B9]on his [Fm7]way. [Bb7sus] [Bb7]
Verse 3
When [Eb]Santa's [Bb7]sleigh bells r[Eb]ing, I l[Eb]isten a[Bb7]ll aro[Eb]und
The [Eb]herald [Bb7]angels s[Eb]ing; I n[Eb]ever h[Bb7]ear a so[Eb]und
And [Fm7]all the [Fm7/Eb]dreams of [Bb7/D][Bb7]children, once [Eb]lost, will
[Eb/G]all be [Ab]found.[Eb/G]
That's [Fm7]all I want when [Fm7/Bb]Christmas [G7b9/B]comes to [Cm]town [F9]
That's [Fm7]all I want when [Fm7/Bb]Christmas [Fm9/Bb]comes to [Eb]town
[Ebsus] [EB]
[Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebadd9]
[Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb]
[Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb] [Ebsus] [Eb]
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