Yellow River - Christie chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Christie

Capo on 4th fret
1. [C] So long, boy you can [Em] take my place
I've [Am] got my papers, I've [Em] got my pay
So [Am] pack my bags and I'll be [Em] on my [Dm] way to [G] Yellow River
[C] Put my gun down, the [Em] war is won
[Am] Fill my glass high, the [Em] time has come
I'm [Am] going back to the [Em] place that I [Dm] love [G] Yellow River
Chorus: [C] Yellow River, Yellow River
is [Em] in my mind and [G] in my eyes
[C] Yellow River, Yellow River
is [Em] in my blood, it's the [G] place I love
[Am] Got no time for explanations [G] got no time to lose
To- [Am] morrow night you'll find me sleeping [G] under neath the moon
At [Am] Yellow River [F] [G]
[C] Cannon fire lingers [Em] in my mind
I'm [Am] so glad that I'm [Em] still alive
And [Am] I've been gone for [Em] such a long [Dm] time from [G] Yellow River
[C] I remember the [Em] nights were cool
[Am] I can still see the [Em] water pool
And [Am] I remember the [Em] girl that I [Dm] knew from [G] Yellow River [C]
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