Abide With Me - Audrey Assad chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Audrey Assad

Capo 3
[C]Abide with [Am]me; fast [F]falls the [G]even[C]tide;
[C]The darkness [F]deep[C]ens; [G]Lord with [C]me a[G]bide. [G7]
[C]When other [Am]helpers [F]fail and [A7]comforts [Dm]flee,
[G]Help of the [E7]help[Am]less, [C]O a[F]bide [G]with [C]me.
[C]Swift to its [Am]close ebbs [F]out life’s [G]little [C]day;
[C]Earth’s joys grow [F]dim; [C]its [G]glories [C]pass a[G]way; [G7]
[C]Change and de[Am]cay in [F]all a[A7]round I [Dm]see;
[G]O Thou who [E7]changest [Am]not, a[F]bide [G]with [C]me.
[C]I fear no [Am]foe, with [F]Thee at [G]hand to [C]bless;
[C]Ills have no [F]weight, [C]and[G] tears no [C]bitter[G]ness. [G7]
[C]Where is death’s [Am]sting? Where, [F]grave, thy [A7]victo[Dm]ry?
[G]I triumph [E7]still, if [Am]Thou a[F]bide [G]with [C]me.
[C]Hold Thou Thy [Am]cross be[F]fore my [G]closing [C]eyes;
[C]Shine through the [F]gloom [C]and [G]point me [C]to the [G]skies. [G7]
[C]Heaven’s morning [Am]breaks, and [F]earth’s vain [A7]shadows [Dm]flee;
[G]In life, in [E7]death, O [Am]Lord, a[F]bide [G]with [C]me.
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