Amazing Grace - John Newton chords

Singer/Band: John Newton

Tone [D] Capo on 1st fret
A – [D] maz – zing grace how [G] sweet the [D] sound
That saved a wretch like [A] me
I [D] once was lost but [G] now am [D] found
Was [Bm] blind but [A] now I [D] see
“Twas [D] grace that taught my [G] heart to [D] fear
And grace my fears re – [A] lieved
How [D] pre – cious did that [G] grace ap – [D] pear
The [Bm] hour I [A] first be – [D] lieved
Through [D] man – y dan – gers, [G] toils and [D] snares
I have alread – y [A] come
‘Tis [D] grace has brought me [G] safe thus [D] far
And [Bm] grace will [A] lead me [D] home.
The [D] Lord has prom – ised [G] good to [D] me
His word my hope se – [A] cures
He [D] will my shield and [G] por – tion [D] be
As [Bm] long as [A] life en – [D] dures
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