An American Trilogy - Elvis Presley chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Elvis Presley

[C]Oh I wish I was in the land of [C/E]cotton
[F]Old things they are not [F#dim]forgotten
Look [C]away, look [Am]away, look [G]away Dixie[C]land [Csus4] [C]
Oh I [C]wish I was in [F]Dixie, [D]away, [G]away
In [C]Dixieland I [F]take my
stand to [C]live and die in [G]Dixie [C]
Cause [C][C/E]Dixieland, that's where I was born
[F]Early Lord one [F#dim]frosty morning
Look [C]away, look [Am]away, look [G]away [C]Dixieland
[C]Glory, glory hallelujah [C] [C/E] [F]
[F]Glory, glory [C]hallelujah
[C][E7]Glory, glory [Am]hallelujah [F]
His [Dm]truth is [G]marching [Am]on [F] [C]
So [C]hush little baby
Don't you [Gm]cry
You [C]know your [Am]daddy's bound to [F]die
But [C]all [Am] my [Dm]trials, Lord will [G]soon be [C]over
[C] [C7] [F] [C] [C] [C/E] [F] [C]
[C][E7]Glory, glory [Am]hallelujah [F]
His [Dm]truth is [G]marching [Am]on [F]
His [Dm]truth is [G]marching [C]on
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