First day of my life - Bright Eyes chords

Singer/Band: Bright Eyes

tone E capo 4 chơi C intro [C] [E7] [Am] [F] [G] [C]
[C]This is the [E7]first day of my [Am]life.
I [F]swear I was [G]born right in the door[C]way.
[C]I went out in the [E7]rain,
Suddenly everything [Am]changed they're spreading,
[D7]Blankets on the [G]beach.
[C]Yours is the [E7]first face that I [Am]saw.
I [F]think I was [G]blind before I [C]met you.
I [C]don't know where I am.
I [E7]don't know where I've [Am]been.
But I [D7]know where I want to [G]go.
So [C]I thought [G]I'd let [Am]you know,
[F]These things take [G]forever, I [C]especial[C/B]ly [Am]am slow.
But I[Dsus2] realized that I need you,
And I wondered if I could come [C]home.
[G] [Am] [Dsus2] [Fsus2] [Fsus2]
[C]Remember the [E7]time you drove all [Am]night,
[F]Just to [G]meet me in the [C]morning?
And[C] I thought it was [E7]strange,
You said everything [Am]changed.
You felt [D7]as if you just [G]woke up.
And you [C]said, "This is the [E7]first day of my [Am]life.
[F]I'm glad I didn't [G]die before I [C]met you.
But [C]now I don't [E7]care, I could go any[Am]where with you,
And [D7]I'd probably be [G]happy."
So if [C]you want [G]to be [Am]with me,
With [F]these things there's [G]no telling,
We [C]just have [C/B]to wait and [Am]see.
But I'd rather [Dsus2]be working for a paycheck,
Than waiting to win the lot[C]tery.
[E] [Am]
Besides, [Dsus2]maybe this time it's different.
I mean, I really think you like [C]me.
[E7] [Am] [Dsus2] [Fsus2] [C] [E7] [Am] [Dsus2] [Fsus2] [C]
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