The Longest Day (Le Jour Le Plus Long - OST The Longest Day) - Various Artists chords

Singer/Band: Various Artists

Điệu March : Bass 123 123 Bass phụ 123 Bass (Bùm chát chát bum chát bùm)
Many [C]men came here as [G]soldiers
Many [Am]men will pass this [Em]way
Many [G]men will count the [Dm]hours
As they [G7]live the longest [C]day
Many [C]men are tired and [G]weary
Many [Am]men are here to [Em]stay
Many [G]men won't see the [Dm]sunset
When it [G7]ends the longest [C]day
The [Am]longest day, the [G]longest day
[F]This will be the [Em]longest day
[Am]Filled with hopes and [G]filled with fears
[F]Filled with blood and [Em]sweat and [G]tears
Many [C]men, the mighty [G]thousands
Many [Am]men to [Em]victory
Marching [G]on, right into [Dm]battle
In the [G7]longest day in histo [C]ry
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