Gale Song - The Lumineers chords

Key: C Singer/Band: The Lumineers

e|-----------------0------------------0---------------| B|-----------------1
------------------1---------------| G|-----------------0h2-0--------------
0---------------| D|-----------------------0h2--------------------------|
It's a [F]lonely [C]road [C/G]
For the [Am]tired [C]man [C/G]
And you can [Am]see it [G]in your [C]face [C/G]
And you'll be [F]home in [C]spring [C/G]
I can [Am]wait 'til [C]then [C/G]
[Am]I heard you're [G]on the [F]big [C]train [C/G]
And [F]oh, this too shall [C]pass
This l[F]oneliness won't l[C]ast for lo[G]ng
[Am]I wasn't th[G]ere to t[F]ake his pl[C]ace
[Am]I was ten [G]thousand [F]miles [C]away
So when you [F]hear my [C]voice [C/G]
When you [Am]say my [C]name [C/G]
May [Am]it [G]never give you [C]pain [C/G]
But I do[F]n't want[C] to go[C/G]
But it's [Am]time to [C]leave [C/G]
You'll [Am]be on [G]my mind, my d[F]estin[C]y [C/G]
And [F]I won't fight it in [C]vain
[F]I'll love you just the [C][G]same [Am]
I couldn't [G]know what's [F]in your [C]mind
[Am]But I saw the [G]pictures, you're [F]looking [C]fine
And [C]there was a time
When I stood in line for [G]love, for love, for love
But I [F]let you go, oh, I let you go [C]
[C]And he fell apart
With his broken heart
And [G]this blood this blood this blood
Oh, it [F]drains from my skin, it [C]does
[C/G] [F] [C] [C/G]
[F] [G] [C]
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