Mother To A Savior And King - Journey To Bethlehem chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Journey To Bethlehem

Capo 4
I [Am]don’t understand the words You’ve [Dm]spoken And [G]my heart is still
trying to be [Am]lieve
[Am]When You’re looking down on me Why [Dm]do You see A [G]mother to a
[E7]Savior and [Am]King? [Dm] [G]
There’s [Am]nothing in my life I have to [Dm]offer No [G]thing in my blood of
royal [Am]ty
I am [Am]just a poor and simple vir [Dm]gin I am not A [G]mother to a
[E7]Savior and [Am]King?
[Am]I need You [Dm]more than ever [G]God, can You [C]hear me [E7]now?
[Am]Your stars are [Dm]full of answers [G]hiding be [C]hind the [E7]clouds
[Am]Give me eyes to see [F]Just how I can be
[Dm]Carrying Your son when I need [E7]You to carry [Am]me
[A#m]Should a miracle feel like an [D#m]anchor [G#]Bringing shame upon my
This [A#m]burden is too heavy I need [D#m]strength to be A [G#]mother to a
[F7]Savior and [A#m]King
[A#m]Oh, God, please [D#m]light the shadows [G#]‘Cuz I can’t [C#]see where to
[A#m]This road that [D#m]I must travel [G#]Is too dark to [C#]walk a [F7]lone
[A#m]You said, “Do not fear” So [F#]Lord if You are here
[D#m]Help me have the faith You have in [F7]me
[A#m]Give me eyes to see [F#]Just how I can be
[D#m]Mother to a Sa [F7]vior When I need sa [A#m]ving
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